Set up an Upsell

Upsell allows you to encourage your customers to purchase additional items within the same order. You generally link related products, to increase your selling chances.
The Upsell feature targets your clients who have already bought a certain product and offers them suggestions of similar products at a discounted price.

Check out our Video Tutorial to learn how to configure Upsells:


or read the following steps to configure it:

Apply an Upsell to all of your products

Apart from the product for which the sale was made, the discount will also be applicable to other products:

1/ Start by clicking on the « Upsell » tab on your Admin to display all the available campaigns. You have a search bar here that allows you to search for specific campaigns. You can also put all your campaigns for Upsell by checking this small box. 
Check the small box in order to select all the campaigns.

2/ Click on “Selection” and then on “Global Settings”.
A window will display all the campaigns for which the Upsell tool can be used, as well as the campaigns that will appear as suggestions to the client.

3/ Click on “Change”
And this is how you can choose the campaigns that will appear in the suggestions of the customer: so as soon as he has bought a certain product, we can offer him another one at a discount, like this T-shirt, for example, or any of the products listed here.
In the « Available » section, select « Yes ».
For the “Category”, you can either choose a fixed amount of discount to offer to your client or a percentage.
If you choose “Fix”, add the amount: for example, 5 euros
If you choose the “Percentage”, enter the corresponding value: for example, 10% off on the original price of the product.
Once you’re done, click on “Save changes”.

4/ As you can see, the Upsell will be applied to all the campaigns that you have selected.
For example, if the customer buys this necklace, he will see this T-shirt as a suggestion at a discount of 10%.

Apply an Upsell product by product

To add the Upsell feature product by product:

1/ Click on the little checkbox of the campaign of your choice.
2/ Click on the Settings icon. 
3/ Change the campaign you want to Upsell
You can use the search bar if you have multiple campaigns
4/ Select the campaign that you want.
5/ Change the settings according to your preferences.
For instance, you can offer a discount of 3 euros. Click on “Save changes”
6/ In this case, only the campaign you haveve selected will be eligible for Upsell once the client has made the payment for his first order.

Please note that we have released the feature one-click post sale upsell.


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