Filtering your orders

You can apply filters for a clearer view of your Orders table and to analyze better your results.
To apply filters, click on the button "Filter Orders" and then select the filter of your choice.

Filter by Campaign
If you are looking for the sales results of a specific campaign, you can filter your orders by Campaign, entering the name of your campaign and clicking on "Add filter"

Filter by Source

To check your sales results by traffic source, you can also filter your Orders by “Source”. Here are the different Source categories:

Direct: the traffic came directly from a link that you have shared: it can be via your Facebook channel, via your Instagram account, via e-mailings that you have sent ...
Marketplace: if you checked the Marketplace option when creating your product, it means that your visitor directly came on to place his order
Google Shopping: It means that your product was bought from Google Shopping
Third Party Marketplace: it means that your sale come from another e-commerce platform, such as Amazon and Wish
Store: your buyers come from your Teezily store (whose name is well specified)
Custom Domain: your buyers come from your Custom Domain (whose name is well specified)
Marketplace / Affiliate program: your product has been sold via the Teezily Affiliate Program by an Affiliate
Direct Affiliation: It means that you have promoted other products as a Teezily Affiliate 
Abandonment cart: your buyer has started the payment process of your product without finalizing the payment. To recover abandoned checkouts, we automatically send him an e-mail so that he can finalize its order.

Filter by order
You can also apply the filter “Order” by entering the Order Number.

Filter by date
You have the option to choose a precise date to compare your performance on different periods.

Filter by client
Using his name or his email address to find out the orders placed by him.

Filter by the order status, either paid for or cancelled.

Filter by the fullfilement status
Delivered, In preparation or Unfulfilled.

Filter by country
You can choose a country from the list in order to get the list of clients that have placed the order from that particular country.
For instance, if we choose France and then click on “Add filter” we will get a list of all the clients who have placed their orders from France.

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