Sell on Teezily Third Party Marketplaces

It means that your products will be displayed on our marketplace and that we will promote it on third-party marketplaces such as Amazon, Wish, or eBay.

In order to be sponsored on a third-party marketplace, your products should have reached at least 1 sale on the Teezily Marketplace. 

There are no fees or costs associated with selling through the Third Party Marketplaces! The guaranteed payout structure offers clear, straightforward profit margins for your Third Party Marketplaces Sales. You can submit your payout request via your Teezily Admin after 30 days from the captured date.

Please bear in mind that some e-commerce platforms have stricter content policies than others. For this reason, we kindly suggest you to respect the guidelines here below in order to ensure that your products will be sponsored on all the marketplaces.

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