Understanding Payouts

You can request a Payout from Teezily once your sale is closed.
Teezily will then proceed to payout your income in the 48 hours following your payout request.

Your payout is calculated as follows:
Selling price minus base price - VAT (if you target buyers from the European Union or Australia) - Marketplace Fee (only if your sale's source is Teezily Marketplace).

When you create a product, the amount of the profit made by product is automatically calculated and displayed.

You can use different payment solutions to get paid:
- Payoneer
- PayPal
- Bank transfer

In order to be paid out, you have to reach the minimum amount of €20 of profit in total. It means that Teezily will pay you for every captured sale you made once your total earning reaches to minimum €20.

After confirming your first payment request, you will receive an email from us (payout@teezily.com) asking you to confirm this request.
This process was set up to secure your Teezily account.
You will then have to click on the confirmation link in the email received for your payout to be processed by our services.

This operation will not be necessary for your next payments if you save your payment preferences when requesting your first Payout: payment method and e-mail or account number.

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