How does the Teezily Admin work ?

In this section, you'll find information on how to monitor your activity via the Teezily Admin.

You need first to login to your account, then you land to our seller admin home, where you can find all you need to monitor your activity.

There you have a clear view of your profit, the total number of orders, and the amount of your payout:

- Your "Profit"

This stand for the amount of your sales realized over the day. It calculates the global amount of your campaigns sales.

- The "Number of products ordered" per day

This number stands for the total number of products ordered on all of your campaigns over the day.

- "To be Paid"

This amount stands for the amount of the payout that you can request to Teezily, once your campaign is over. It is your margin realized over your sales, after the payment of the product base price.

Below, you can check the list of your campaigns, their status, if they are active of inactive and the time remaining before the end of your campaign.

You can have a clear view on your Metrics:

- Status

There you can find information on the status of your campaigns. If they are active, it means that they are running and online.
Below you can see the number of days remaining before your campaign stops or relaunches automatically (if you checked this option).

When you archive your campaigns, they disappear from this list.

- Published at

There you can see the starting date of your campaign. If you checked the option "Relaunch a campaign", it will automatically update to the last date of relaunch of your campaign. (Every 7 days for example)

- Categories

There you can see in which categories of the Teezily Marketplace will be displayed your campaigns. You can select up to 8 categories.

- Orders

This is the total number of orders made in relation to this campaign.

- Items

There you can find the number of items sold per campaign: if a buyer ordered 3 items, then 3 will be added to the total number of items of your campaign.

- Conversion rate

This is a percentage of the number of visitors to your campaign page who actually bought your product. As an example, if your conversion rate on a product page is 3%, it means that among 100 visitors on your product or campaign page, only 3 of them bought your product.
To increase your conversion rate, you can use different tools: UpSell or Pre-Upsell, Discount Codes, Free Shipping, Promotion Codes for White Label Stores, Compare at Price or Create your own store.

- Views

This figure stands for the total number of Page views of your campaign by all of your visitors.
If someone visits your page several times, the number of visits will be added to this figure.

You can then access the different sections of your admin on the sidebar, including:
- a view on your campaigns, orders and payouts 
- an access to your Analytics to monitor your activity
- sections to setup Upsell, Promotions, your Teezily stores, and Domain names
- a section to go to your Affiliate dashboard if you run affiliate campaigns

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