How to start selling on Teezily

In order to start selling on Teezily, you must first create your Teezily account.

1. Sign in to Teezily

- Go to the Teezily Sign in Page 

- Create your account by entering your name, e-mail address and password or simply connect with your Google or Facebook account.

2. Edit your Profile

Navigate to the Settings section in the sidebar of your Teezily Admin
In the profile section, you can enter your Personal details, your Timezone and your Default Payout currency.
You must choose the currency with which your payouts will be done.
You'll find more information here about Currencies and Payouts 

Then you have the possiblity to link your Payoneer account if you have one. It will enable you to receive your payouts once you have sold on your first campaigns.
If you prefer another Payment solution, you will need to link your accounts directly when requesting your first Payout.

Then you can choose to display the countdown on your campaign pages.
If you choose to hide the countdown, it will only activate 3 days before the end of your campaign. It will help you to create a sense of urgency for your buyers and encourage them to buy. Once hidden, you will not be able to extend the campaign on this current run.

3. Fill in the Seller Form

In this section, you must enter your mailing address and tell us if you own a business, it will help with the VAT and the revenue declaration processes.


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