Facebook Pixel Setup

Creating a Facebook Pixel will help you measure results from your advertising, optimize ads for conversions and build Audiences for Remarketing.
With this tool, you can use a single ID for conversions and retargeting and track several types of events: “purchase” “add to cart” “view content” and “initiate to checkout”.

Before creating your Pixel, make sure that you already have created your Facebook Page. 

To Setup your Facebook Pixel:

1. Go to your Facebook page
2. Navigate to your Ads Manager: click on the small arrow of the Facebook Menu at the Top right of the Page and Select Create Ads to access your Facebook Ads Manager
3. Go to the Measure and Report Section by clicking on Ads Manager, at the Top Left of the Page, and then click on "Pixels

4. Create a Facebook Pixel and click on "Create a Pixel"

5. Enter your Pixel Name, for Example "Teezily", and Then click on Create. This will take a little time processing and after you will have the confirmation of your Pixel ID creation.

A window opens to invite you to Install Your Pixel Code. You just have to close it. Indeed, the pixel code has already been installed on the Teezily marketplace website, so you don't have to take care of this step

6. Copy your Pixel ID

7. Go Back to your Teezily Admin, in Settings and Marketing Tools. Paste your Pixel ID. And click on Update.

Your Facebook Pixel is connected to your Teezily Admin.

How to Use my Facebook Pixel?

You can find all the up-to-date material you need in the Facebook Help Center


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