Connecting your existing domain name to your Teezily store

In this article we will explain you how to create a 100% white label store with a domain name that you have previously bought outside of Teezily.

To connect your existing domain name to your store on Teezily, follow the below steps or watch our Video Tutorial


Steps to connect existing Domain Names on Teezily:

1 - Create an account on, which is 100% free.

2 - Add Teezily Site on CloudFare

Once your is account created, click on “Add Site” (top right) and then you will write your domain name in the search bar. example:
Click on “Scan DNS records” -->Click on “Continue Setup”, and you can uncheck everything
You add a CNAME, You write here “www” and here
You now click on “Add record” and “Continue”
Choose “Free Website” and “Continue”
And here you have added nameservers onto your domain name provider
Now you go on your domain name provider. Go click on “Details” and then on “nameservers”. Select “Custom DNS”
Now you just have to copy-paste your nameservers and then you click on “Save”
And go back to Cloudflare and click on “Continue”
Your domain name is now added on Cloudflare and you can check the overview.
Your status will be “processing” and the process will take up to an hour to become “active”.
Once your status is active, Click on “DNS” and verify that the CNAME information is correct. The value should be “”
You click on “Crypto” and you check “Full”. Check your status again. The certificate SSL will normally take one hour to be active, but the delay may be slightly longer (24 hours maximum).

3 - Activate your domain name on Teezily

Once you have the green symbol and the certificate is active, you go on
Click on “Register New Domain” and then on “Register your Own Domain”, and you fill in with your domain name. Do not forget to add the “www”
Remember to check “SSL Available”, Click on “Register Custom Domain”
Go on “Domain” and find your domain name. Its status is active.
And you have this button in red. It has to be red. If it’s green you will click on it to activate the SSL certificate.
Click on “Stores” : you can either add a new store or clicking on “Details” of an existing store
You click on “Store URL” and you will find the domain name that you have just added 
Click on it and then scroll down and update it
Go back to “Teezily Stores” to verify you have your SSL Certificate
You click on a random campaign to verify the checkout page, it is showing just your domain name.


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