Write a text on your product(s)

If you don't have your own design, you can write a text and personnalize it with a special font, choose your color and size.
Learn how to personnalize your product with a text:

1. Write a text inside the printable area

You can centralize the text, add space between the lines or tighten it.
Your text must fit inside the printable area, otherwise the design will be rejected.

2. Chose or add a font

You can either choose between fonts that are already available on your Teezily Admin or you can also Click on "Add a font" to add a new font to the design. 
To find free or paying fonts, you can go on the following websites: www.dafont.com/ or on Google fonts

Once you've created your custom text, click on the Next step to continue editing your product creation.

To know how to create a product, visit this page [link Create a Product]


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