How to upload your design and create a personalised product

When creating a customizable product on your Teezily Admin, you have the possibility to upload your own design or to write a text.

But before creating anything, you will need to find design ideas by looking for profitable niches (i.e. jobs, animals, family ...)

You will first need to create your product:

1. Sign in to your Teezily Account by clicking on to access your Teezily Admin.

2. Create a product
You can upload your designs only for customizable products such as apparel, shoes, mugs, phone cases, hooded blankets, bed linen sets, canvases and necklaces.

3. Select your product
Select Front or Back below your product mockup to choose to place your design/ text on the front or on the back or your apparel.

4. Customize your product
You can customize your product either by:
- Writing a text 
- Adding a picture 

5. Click on Next step to continue editing your product creation.

To learn how to create a product, go to [Product Page]


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