Sales and Products FAQ

How long does a sale last?
You can choose to run your campaign from 1 to 20 days, depending on how you want to market it (one time edition campaign with a sense of emergency and a countdown). But remember: If your items are for a time-sensitive event, make sure your campaign ends 14 days before it occurs. Your items must still be printed and delivered.

How many product pages I can create?
As many as you can, as long as you keep in mind that you need to sell your products. Make sure that the time that you take to upload a product is effective and help you reach your sales goal.

Can I edit my product page after I launched it?
You can edit your product page until you make your first sale.
After your first sale, you can only change product type and colors in your Teezily Admin (section “Edit my campaign”.)
Also note that you cannot change your selling price, or design after your first sale. If you have any change requests, please contact us on Teezily Success.

Can I combine adult, youth and alternate items into the same campaign?
You can combine adult and youth items in one campaign, but because alternate items go through a separate production process, they cannot be combined with adult or youths items. Adult, youth and alternates items must each be run in separate campaigns.

My sale ended and the number of items sold just went down. What happened?
Buyers may sometimes cancel their orders, or their credit cards may no longer be valid. In either of these cases, the final number of items sold may change.

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