From your Teezily Admin, you can see the main Analytics of your online store.
Once you've signed in to your Google Account, go to the Sidebar menu and click on Analytics.

There, you will see a global view of your activity and sales, as displayed on the Home Page of your Admin:
There you have a clear view of your profit, the total number of orders, and the amount of your payout:

- Your "Total Profit"
This stand for the amount of your sales realized on all of your campaigns during a certain time slot: you can set up the time of your metrics. It calculates the global amount of your campaigns sales.

- The "Total Sales" stands for the total number of products ordered during this time slot

- Total visitors stands for the total number of visitors on all of your product pages.

- Conversion rate stands for the ratio on all your campaigns between your total Number of sales and your total Number of unique visitors

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