Create a customizable product

We give you the possibility to create your own customized products (apparel, shoes, necklaces, canvases, hooded blankets, all-over hoodies, bed linen sets, mugs or phone cases) and personalize them with your own designs.

Once you've selected the customizable product you want to sell, you will have to follow 3 main steps to launch your product page.

1. Designing your customizable product

Create or upload your own design

You have 2 possibilities to personalize your item :
- you can Write a text
- or you can Upload your design
Once your design is uploaded or your text is ready, you can click on "Next Step"

2. Setting up your customizable product

Define your sales objective and unit price in order to measure your potential profit
First of all, you must determine the currency with which most of your buyers might pay.
Then you must determine your sales goal, it calculates automatically your profit depending on sold quantities for this campaign and also your selling price.

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