Managing Orders

The "Orders” section gives you access to different types of data related to your orders.

You can track the following metrics:

- the list of your orders per item;
- the Traffic source of the order placed;
- your order reference;
- the date on which it was placed;
- details of the client such as his name and email address;
- the status of the order (whether it has been paid for or not);
- Items: details of the order like the type of product and the quantity bought;
- the country of origin;
- Tracking: the delivery status;
- the Profit that you have earned with each order placed;
- the « Marketing » column shows you whether the client has agreed or not on receiving promotional offers from you;
- the complete details of your order.

Please bear in mind that wheter the sale's source is Third Party Marketplace or Affiliate Program you won't be able to see the clients' details.

To learn how to manage your orders, you can watch our video tutorial 


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