Teezily Stores Setup

Teezily enables you to create a store hosted on our servers. Your URL will include the following domain name: teezily.com/stores/

To Setup a Teezily Store:

1. Sign-in to your Teezily Admin

2. Navigate to the section "Teezily Stores" in the sidebar menu of your Teezily Admin and Click on "Create a Store"

3. Edit your Teezily Store Details

Store name
Not too long, you must think of a good Store name it will be directly linked to your Domain Name.
Follow our tips to choose the right domain name on our blog.

Store Description
In your store description, do a summary of all the product categories you are selling and use the right words, dedicated to your market niche.

Store URL
Your store URL is linked to your Store name. Once you will have written your store name, a URL will be automatically proposed. You can either choose to confirm it, or to change it. But we recommend your URL to be as similar as your store's name.

Facebook Pixel
You can connect your Facebook pixel tracking ID to your Teezily store. It will enable you to track your campaigns metrics on Facebook.

Meta Title and Meta Description

It's very important to fill in this information as it will help your store's Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Your Meta Title should not exceed 70 characters, and the first sentence of your description should not exceed 150 characters.

To test your Meta Title and Description and see how it will appear on your Search Engine Rank Page, you can use a SERP simulator tool, such as this one.

Social Media URLS
You can link your Social Media Channels to your store, this way, your customers will be able to share and to review your content on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat or Twitter.
The Facebook Messenger nickname allows your customers to contact you directly on Facebook Messenger.

Your store Branding
You can add your own logo and banner on your Teezily store, it will increase your brand awareness towards your customers.

To add a banner image, you can upload your own design in PNG or JPG format, with a maximum weight of 5 MB. Your banner dimensions should be 1440 px (width) X 380 px (height)
To add a logo image, you can upload your own design in PNG or JPG format, with a maximum weight of 5 MB. Your banner dimensions should be 120 px (width) X 100 px (height)

Publish your Store
You can enable or disable the publication of your store by activating the ON button.

Selected campaigns
In this section, you can add existing campaigns to your store.
This way, you can create several stores targeting different market niches.

Don't forget to click on the "Create your store" button to finalize your Teezily store setup.

You can check that your store has been created going back to the "Teezily Store" section: you store will appear in your Admin.


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