Sending Messages to your customers

The « Message » section of your admin enables you to send messages to clients of a particular campaign or to clients of multiple campaigns at the same time by creating contact groups.

To Learn how to Send Messages to your customers, watch our video tutorial 

or follow the below instructions.

First, navigate to the "Message" section of your Teezily Admin

Messaging clients of specific campaigns

1/ Navigate to the Groups tab of the Messages section.

2/ Select a campaign to send a message to the clients of a particular campaign, and then click on “Message”.
Here, you will see the number of clients of this campaign and and you can modify the contents of your message.

3/ You can either choose to send a default email using an already defined template or create a new email for the launch of a new campaign.
At the right, you can define the Recipient, the Subject and the Content of the message.
You also have the option to add links, images, etc.
It is also possible to add certain variables that modify themselves automatically according to the client in question.
For instance, if you write “Hello” and then click on “First Name”, the variable will transform itself automatically to display the name of the Recipient. So, if the client’s name is John, for example, the message will read “Hello, John”.

4/ Once you’ve finished writing your message, click on “Confirm” to send it.
Keep in mind that you can only message your clients only once every 24 hours.

Messaging a group of campaigns

It is also possible to group the campaigns together to send out messages to multiple clients together.

1/ Navigate to the Groups tab of the Messages section.

2/ Write the name of the group in the text box, assuming that you have 3-4 campaigns that you want to group together.

3/ Click on “Create a group”, and select all the campaigns related to the group you have created.
You can see the number of clients you have for these campaigns

4/ Send a common message to all of them together by clicking on “Message”.

You just need to repeat the same procedure as before.


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