Sell on Teezily Marketplace

You can sell your products directly on our marketplace. In this case, there is no need to create your online store. 
You just have to:

1. Sign-in to your Teezily account.

2. Create a product and check the box "Display the campaign in Teezily's marketplace".

With this option, you can add your products onto Teezily marketplace. 
Join the Teezily Marketplace and target thousands of potential buyers on your campaigns every month.

Teezily will deduct a charge of 12,50 € from any items from which traffic comes directly from our pages (Home Page, Search, Categories). We therefore strongly suggest you to raise your selling price while setting up your product's campaign, bearing in mind that the product's base price and the acquisition cost will be deducted from the total amount.

You can select up to 8 categories in the Teezily Marketplace in which your product will be displayed. We strongly suggest you to add tags to your products' campaigns, so that you can optimise your SEO practices.

If you don't sell any products, you pay nothing.

You can enable or disable the marketplace option at any time if and when you prefer to promote your product by your own means.


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