Product Categories

You can pick among a wide range of print-on-demand product categories to create your products list, and you can also promote physical products from the Teezily Product Catalog.

Please bear in mind that - for the moment - only print-on-demand products are personalizable.

Customizable products:

- Custom Apparel 
- Custom All Over Print Hoodies 
- Custom Shoes 
You can find all of our tips to selling custom shoes on our blog article
- Custom Necklaces 
Visit our blog to know more about Selling Necklaces
- Custom Mugs 
- Custom Phone Cases 
- Custom Canvases
- Custom Hooded Blankets 
- Custom Bed Linen Sets 

Catalog Products

From your Teezily Admin, you can choose among thousands of items from our Product catalog.
Those items don't need to be customized with your design. Please also note that you need to have a DNS store to select and sponsor these products.


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