What if I do not want to set up the "Local Fulfillment" option ?

We will apply a unique base price for your products, regardless of the shipping process, to ensure you higher margins and a transparent, clear pricing. Please bear in mind that if you are not choosing the “local fulfillment centers” option, you won’t be able to guarantee your customers’ a local shipping solution. The table here above showcase the equivalent base prices for the top 5 products at Teezily.



What if I change my mind when my sale is already active ?

No worries, you can still opt for local shipping (or vice versa) and you will be able to make the change directly on your seller dashboard. Please be aware that the campaign will be temporarily closed to successfully take into account the change and to start the production process for the existing orders, but it will be automatically relaunched. When relaunched, the new pricing system will be automatically activated.



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