Discount and Promotion Codes

To boost your sales and make your product pages more attractive, you can setup promotional codes in the "Promotion" section of your Teezily Admin.

such as :

Discount codes, to offer a discount either in the form of a fixed amount, like 1€, 2€, 3€, 10€ … Or in the form of a percentage, like 10%, 20% etc.…

Compare at price or Strike through prices, to show your customers that you have lowered your prices, you can display a new price next to a higher strike through price.

Free shipping codes, to offer the shipping costs to your clients.

Once you have created the codes, they are added to the URL of your campaign. 
However, while creating the codes, keep in mind that the promotion can be applied only if the discount that you wish to offer does not exceed your profit margin.

To learn how to Setup Promotional Codes, you can watch our video tutorial 

or you can follow the below instructions:

To Create a Discount Code

1/ Click on “Generate” to generate a random discount code or write it yourself if it corresponds to a specific event (Valentine's day, Christmas...)
2/ Choose the type of promotion that you want to offer. For example, “Fix” for a fix value
3/ Enter the amount of discount. For instance, 3 dollars
4/ Add the expiry date for this offer if you want
5/ Then click on “Add” and your promotional code is ready
6/ To apply the code to your product, copy it and paste it in your URL after having added a question mark, “pr” and the “equal to” symbol.
After your product link, add a question mark, “pr”, the “equal to” symbol and finally your promotional code.

When a client visits your product page, a pop-up window will appear saying “Congratulations, you’ll be receiving 3 dollars off on your order”

To Create a Compare at Price or Strike through price

The “Compare at price” promotion creates an immediate sense of special, limited-time offer and invites for a quick checkout. Again, you can set it up directly from your dashboard.

1/ Edit the Product 
2/ Go to the Add/ Edit Product section 
3/ Put a Selling price (discounted price ) and a Compare at price (Initial product price )

To Configure a Free Shipping code from your Admin

1/ Go to the Promotion section of your Teezily Admin.
2/In the "Type" field, select " Free Shipping"
3/ Enter your Special code offer or Generate it automatically by clicking on the button "Generate".
4/ Enter your END DATE for this offer. You can choose to offer the shipping systematically, then you can leave it as it is " Does not expire" or you can choose your End Date. Then click on Add.
Your free shipping code is enabled and you can invite your customers to use it whiile promoting your product.

Shipping costs are withdrawn from your profit, so you msut take this into consideration and adapt your product prices in this regard.


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