Create a Product from our Catalogue

You can create a product picked from our Catalog. There, you can choose among millions of new items, non customizable, to add to your existing Custom Domain.
1. Sign-up to your Teezily Account and Click on Create a Product

2. Select "Catalog Product"

3 - Search for the products you want to sell

You can filter by different means:

- Typing a keyword to find a product, 
- Selecting a product category, 
- Sorting your product by price range
- Sorting your products by ratings
- Sorting a product by the number of items sold in the 30 last days

Then you can select one or several products to add in your own store or Teezily Account by clicking on "Select this product". You can also unselect your product.

Once you have selected your list of products, you can set up your product pages

4 - Set up your Selling Price

There you have clear view on your product's properties, inventory=stock, base price, recommended selling price, and the profit you will make. The compare option at the price section can be used to promote your product with a Strike-through price

5 - Write your Product Description

In this section, you will finalize your product description and launch your product campaign.

Product Description

Here you can choose to diplay or to hide the countdown of your product campaign. the countdown is a way to push your customers to do a quick purchase by giving them a sense of urgency.

You can add up to 15 tags. Tags are keywords to help you better rank your product campaign for search engines.

URL choice
You can use the recommended url or create it yourself. Remember that a URL cannot contain spaces or block letters.

Choice of the store to add the product
You can choose between the several hosted stores that you've setup on Teezily to add your products.
You must have created first a white label store on Teezily to launch your product. 
To learn how to setup a hosted store on Teezily, go to that Page




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