Adding Team members

This section enables you to add team members in your Admin, but with 3 different levels of permissions and actions. Please keep in mind that the the invited team members must have created a Teezily account beforehand.

- with the Admin Role, you are giving full access to your Teezily Admin. Bear in mind that you should keep the Admin role for you or to a trusted person, as this roles enables to request payouts and change account settings.
- with the Manager Role, you can give access to the whole admin, except to payouts and account settings.
- the Launcher Role is restricted, with no access to payouts, account settings, messages, promotions, and no view of campaign profits. This role is mostly dedicated to campaign and product launchers.

Go to the Settings section of your Admin sidebar, and select the Team tab.

To add a Team Member:

1. Enter his email address
2. Select a Role 
3. Click on the Add button

Once you've added your team member, you will see the list of your team members in this same section.

To Delete a Team Member:

1. Find his e-mail address in the list
2. Click on the "Destroy" button

To Change a team member's role:

1. Delete his e-mail address by clicking on the button "Destroy" 
2. Add him as a new team member, selecting a new role.


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