About Teezily

Teezily enables 50,000 international merchants to create their online stores, find products, and ship them all over the world, connecting them to 10 million buyers and thousands of suppliers. We provide a complete e-commerce service, including an e-commerce platform to monitor your online acitvity, a catalog of more than 1 million products, the shipping of your products to your customers, and the management of returns, refunds and customer support. Our marketplace is available in 10 languages and integrates global and local online payment solutions such as PayPal, Sofort, Giropay or Ideal.

Thanks to Teezily, many merchants have made their dreams of fortune come true. Now it's your turn to try it out!

No risks, no advanced costs.

You never need to advance any funds for production and shipping: if you don’t sell, you don’t pay.
For every sale you make, Teezily only takes the base price of the item from your turnover. The base price is always lower than the selling price you fix, so you always make profit out of each sale.

Ways to sell

Anyone can create an account on Teezily, as an individual or as a professional. You have several ways to sell products with Teezily

- Add products on our marketplace
- Promote products through Social Media and online advertising
- Selling products from your own store [link to Domains Page]

Key Features

Whether you wish to sell products through our marketplace or sell them via your own online store, Teezily provides you with diverse tools to help you setup and run an online business and sell customized and/or manufactured products.

- Upsell & Pre-upsell
- Message
- Personalization
- Discount and promotion
- Adding a Domain name - 100% white label
- Creating a Teezily Store
- Create a Product
- Payment solutions
- Sales channels
- Seller Support : a dedicated seller support team is here to answer your questions on our Facebook Page Teezily Success

Where to go for help ?

Our community and seller support are here to help!
There are different ways to get help:
- Visit our Facebook University Groups, our community is here to help you find a solution. If you’re looking for feedback on your campaigns, have inquiries about advertising strategies, or just need general tips, please join our community of sellers on our Facebook Group Teezily University Global
- Visit our blog
- Check our Facebook page Teezily Success


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